Basic knowledge and right treatment can lead you toward a healthier life of dignity. 

Learn simple truths.

Acupuncture is an amazing medicine which helps restore the body to its balance.          It harmonizes body-mind-spirit.

Acupuncture works to heal the body internally and to regulate the immune system.  Acupuncture is a powerful tool in prevention and regulation: preventing and regulating organ, endocrine, and cognitive decline, preventing hormone disregulation during peri and post menopause, supporting endocrine systems to prevent decline and inflammation, regulating and preventing pain.  Powerful medicine.

It is interesting that many emotional components of illness and pain can be resolved through acupuncture.  Many people come for stress relief and for the emotional component associated with illness and pain.

The process is generally painless; one “injection” needle is the equivalent of 25 acupuncture needles bundled together, they are so small.

A brief bio-medical explanation of how acupuncture works:  the body thinks you’re an animal crossing a field, and you have gotten pricked by a plant.  Body survival springs into action to wall off the area where plant poison might be entering the body, and a tiny local immune response begins. 

Meanwhile, a body-wide effect is triggered via a signal sent to the brain, whereby enkephalins (similar to endorphins) are triggered in the brain, and the brain ‘reboots.’  Emotional edge and basic levels of stress and strain are eased, starting in the brain, cascading into the body and to specific locations. 

And so begins the journey of healing to the whole system: emotions, body, brain, mind, senses, center, spirit.


New Research on how Acpuncture affects Brain & Body Wellbeing!

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