While many people today call themselves health coaches with little formal training,  Herb-drug interactions are important to recognize.  Chinese Medicine takes herbs very seriously, making up a substantial curriculum in an acupuncturist’s training.  It is nearly unparalleled in its rigor and depth.

In fact, Ms. Lamarche came to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture due to her relationship with herbs.  Having been raised from an early age in Latin America and Europe, herbal tradition became known to her.  Miche likes to say that chamomille was her first herbal friend, and Reishi mushroom was her first “non traditional spirit guide. “

Herbal formulas are utilized to bring about support and change in the body’s physiology. 

Herbs are like superfoods, concentrated and focused tools, not chosen for their wonderful taste, but for their health effects.

Most are encapsulated for ease of use.  There is an option to custom formulate when desired, and Miche has secret, little known formulas to pull from, as well as traditional and modern scientific formulas.

Ms. Lamarche has studied herbs from both Chinese and Western points of view, and her teachers include Pharmacologist John Chen, author of one of the most exhaustive encyclopedias on herbs that scrutinizes and documents herb-drug interactions, also Taiwanese Jimmy Chang, and international Master Herbalist Daniel Weber.


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