Does your body work?  Is it working, this health situation you’re experiencing?  In search of superior diagnosis and answers to autoimmune conditions, allergies, and chronic illness?

Our goal is to restore function.

Whether this be done by decreasing inflammation, balancing hormone and endocrine systems, what natural healing aims to do is restore physiological function as much as possible.  Restoring function of the body’s own systems is preferred to substituting the body’s normal function via medication.

Each treatment is tailored to the individual, every time.

Blood Chemistry and modern lab work are used in diagnosis, cross-checked with ancient holistic techniques.  The goal is to identify core problems and treat as soon as possible. 

Prevention is KEY.

If we can’t prevent it now, we can investigate and instigate change.

Blood chemistry gives Ms. Lamarche and her  patients quantifiable benchmarks and demonstrable priorities to show progress and change, often before the patient notices change.  It took time to turn around the Titanic; it often takes time to destroy health, it takes time to restore it.

For this Ms. Lamarche uses ‘Functional Blood Ranges’: an updated set of ranges and interpretation based on healthy individuals.


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