Who Understands?

If your pain is from a sudden injury, could other aspects of your body be involved? Could the rest of you be contributing in some way to you not recovering?  Or not?

Would you rather have your healthcare practitioner know whether it’s just your hand, your finger, your back that’s injured?  What if the inflammation in your whole body is causing the tightness in your wrist, leading to numbness and what another might call carpal tunnel, but might not be carpal tunnel?

You owe it to yourself to get an in-depth diagnosis.  If it’s only your wrist, then let’s treat your wrist.  But if it’s your blood sugar and a systemic inflammatory condition, treating the wrist may not resolve the local pain.

If it’s an orthopedic condition, let’s give you orthopedics.  If it’s a deeper condition, let’s identify and resolve it so the rest of you can heal.

When a person becomes stoic in the acquisition of a gradual, chronic pain condition, sometimes they cannot even detect what’s really taking place.

You need someone who will thoroughly investigate and has the experience with both local conditions AND systemic conditions. 

THIS is the reason for a holistic practitioner.

THIS is the reason Ms. Lamarche is passionately in practice to serve you.

THIS is why she does ALL of what she does, to speed your recovery.


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