Thyroid conditions are increasing in frequency in this modern era.  Because thyroid hormones impact every cell in the body, Miche specializes in thyroid issues.  (Read “Her Story” below).

Whether your tendency is toward hypo-thyroidism, Hashimoto’s, or another wrinkle in thyroid health, there is more help available for an underperforming- or overperforming- thyroid than waiting until it becomes formally diagnosed as hypo or hyper in the standard medical range.

Using state of the art lab tests through Cyrex Labs, created by world reknown autoimmunologist Dr. Vojdani, patients are blood-tested for directional insight and refinement.  Protocols include inflammatory wind-down diet and herb supplements, acupuncture, and education.  These are critical in managing an imbalanced thyroid.  Wherever needed, a medical doctor and medication may be integrated in a patient’s case management.  Your wellbeing is far more important than ideology and medical fiefdoms.

Please read Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s New York Times bestselling medical book entitled “Why do I still have thyroid symptoms when my lab tests are normal”.   Ms. Lamarche has been studying with Dr. Kharrazian for over 8 years and she acknowleges the great contributions he has made in effective thyroid protocols and his innovations in condition management.

Her Story:

Ms. Lamarche herself has had serious health consequences due to an injured thyroid.  Only by becoming an expert in thyroid health has she been able to regulate herself.  She has experimented with many different treatments to find what works consistenly and effectively.  She is very sensitive and sympathetic others suffering from thyroid conditions.


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