If health is the absence of symptoms, then what is the state of our symptom-driven health approach today? Heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteopirosis, stroke and cancer.  Medications have side-effects, and preventive medicine is more subtle and less customary in our mental map of health.

By the time symptoms show up, the body is well past it’s healthy state.  Signs and symptoms appear when the body can no longer hold them back.  It’s crying out for help. 

We suggest you start early.  Take a different approach: consider that it’s time for a change, it’s time for a detoxification of the liver and the entire body.  Like an oil change for your car. 

Detox is a change of habits for a period of time, until a change in your state of health follows.

What can detoxification do? It can remove toxins, shift hormones, nourish, and educate you. It is experiential.  It is noticeable.  You will feel it.  You will see it.

And we have experience, because for change to occur, we need to know everything from how you might eat differently, to what will help you do that, to what you might resist and find hard to cope with ... or how and what you might love.  We anticipate you, and we respond to you, exactly where you are.

Everybody is different, and a mass approach will never do with individual needs.

Ms. Lamarche would be honored by your trust.

Individual and group cleanses offered.


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