Neurotransmitters are chemicals which transmit signals from a neuron to a target cell, across a space in the nerve pathway (called a synaptic cleft).

Neurotransmitters are synthesized from simple base ingredients such as amino acids.  These are readily available in the diet via herbs and foods, and require only a small number of biochemical steps to convert into the appropriate neurotransmitter which the brain and body call for on a regular basis for optimal function.

When the digestive system breaks down, neurotransmitters are less readily made; when there is chronic inflammation, neurotransmitter imbalances occur; when head trauma or depression or anxiety, or poor diet, or drug and alcohol consumption and other interfering substances conflict with optimal neurotransmitter equilibrium, the imbalance can set in and become chronic.

Our practice works to help you achieve the balance you seek, using herbal and nutritional remedies. 

This therapy is supportive for those with cognitive, drug, nutritional and bio chemical dependencies or imbalances.  It can improve performance in sports and in daily tasks, for memory, learning, function, and preservation or restoration of brain and mental-emotional  health.


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