The Power of Connection: How Coming Closer Together Can Be Key to our Outlook and Well-being

At Body Mind Revolution, you are a person and not a number. If you’re been going to doctors and you feel like you’re a number on a page, know that we see our clients as a whole being and everybody is different. We invite learning who you are and what you need to deliver personalized care. 

This month is dedicated to raising awareness and increasing our understanding of our social nature, and how important connection can be. Especially in these years after the lockdown and isolation which occurred during the pandemic, learning to prioritize connection with others is very important. Today we’ll explore the power of connection and how it can benefit all individuals.

Before We Start … The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Mental illness affects millions of people worldwide, and yet it remains a taboo topic in many communities. This lack of awareness can lead to feelings of shame and isolation for those who struggle with mental illness or mood disorders. A lack of understanding and support from their loved ones can emphasize the problem and the feeling of aloneness.

It’s essential to understand that mental illness is not a personal failing or a sign of weakness. The more we talk about mental health openly and honestly, the more we can reduce the shame and silence that often surrounds it. 

It can be challenging to know how to support someone with mental illness, and simply being present and available can make a significant difference to one another.

The Power of Connection

Connection can take many forms, from spending time with loved ones to participating in community activities, volunteer groups and support groups. The power of connection lies in the fact that it provides a sense of belonging which is invaluable to all people, as we are social animals.

For everyone connection can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. When we connect with others and share our experiences, we find a sense of validation and understanding that can be incredibly nurturing. Finding interest and excitement in sharing peoples different experiences can also be inspiring and help raise our sights to new opportunities. 

Connection helps our loved ones better understand us and allows us to better understand them. Knowing what our loved ones are going through provides greater intimacy in our lives and can increase our sense of purpose in life.

Ways to Create Connections

Considering the power of connection, let’s look at some practical ways to create connections. Here are a few ideas:

1. Reach out to loved ones and check in on them

2. Ask the people around us what’s going on in their lives

3. Say hi to your neighbors when you go for a walk or leave the house.

4. Offering a simple assistance such a as carrying someone’s bag or sharing your toilet paper score from Costco with the little old lady next door can create lasting connection.

5. Remember, we are not numbers, we are whole and complete people.

Quotes to Inspire Connection

Sometimes, a few powerful words can inspire us to connect with others and prioritize our wellbeing. Here are a few quotes to consider:

“Your state of mind does not define you. Your strength and courage does.” – Unknown

“The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about yourself.” – Unknown

“Service to others is a beautiful way to connect.” -Unknown

“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” -Unknown

In The End …

Reach out to loved ones, attend a support group, and look to inspire others through a smile and a hello. Every small action can make a difference in someone’s life. Together, we can break down the barriers surrounding isolation and create a more connected and compassionate world.

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