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Using Holistic Methods we seek to re-establish the body's own function, which approach is "Function Wellness".

We believe in three principles: 1) It takes a village. 2) There is no one size fits all. 3) Body chemistry requires 'retraining'.

Each person requires a unique approach to elicit desired responses.  We integrate numerous treatment tools… and we refer to other practitioners whenever needed.  Your betterment is our primary goal.  In our experience, body chemistry is shaped according to what it’s been exposed to in life. It learns patterns through lifestyle and environment. It requires ‘retraining’ in order to change optimally.  Regardless of one’s current state of being, prevention is key.  And because “it takes a village” for one to heal, we offer case management and refer to other clinics and modalities anytime this will improve a health outcome.

IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback is a cutting edge technology showing so much promise that U.S. Veterans Administration has funded a double blind study at UC San Diego to the tune of $1.2 million  (  Our clinic has been using this technology for over 10 years with wonderful results.
Functional Medicine is based on holistic science and peer-reviewed research literature, including Laboratory testing: blood, saliva, stool and genetic profile assessment for evaluation.  The objective is to restore rather than replace natural function.


Scalar Scans & Rife Frequencies: Using physics, Dr Rife codified the frequencies of everything from physical beings and health conditions to emotional states because he understood that everything including bacteria, viruses, pathogens and healthy states emit specific electromagnetic frequencies. Using Nikolas Tesla’s scalar physics, the AO Scan is used in our clinic to further evaluate and deliver sound frequencies to harmonize wellbeing.
Clinical Nutrition: because food is our everyday medicine, each person has direct access and control of this powerful tool.  “Dr. google” fails to put together the full picture, because competing interests collide online.  Miche’s decades of  experience and study will guide the patient until one’s awareness and sensitivity to nutritional health takes root. We are planting seeds for you to harvest in wellness.
Nutrition Response Muscle Testing is a non-invasive practice based on time-honored bio-mechanical techniques.  This method swiftly evaluates the body’s response to food, pathogenic and chemical inputs.
Acupuncture is at the core of a 5000 year old art of wellness which relies on the body’s ability to recall balance (homeostasis) via triggers such as acupuncture needling. Acupuncture needles today are thin, sterile, single use, and gentle.  They are placed in various body points according to individual conditions. Needles are generally left in place for 20-30 minutes while the patient relaxes into a dreamy, euphoric state as the body re-calibrates.
Facial Rejuvenating Microneedling &Acupuncture:  Have you ever noticed beautiful skin on women from China? Perhaps this is because of facial rejuvenation acupuncture, which originated in China over 2000 years ago. Facial rejuvenation is used for decreasing fine lines and microneedling increases elasticity and collagen.  Specialized serums are applied to firm muscles and relax the face, easing the grooves of expression lines and improving skin quality. This treatment is a safe and effective alternative to botox, resatylane, and surgical face lifts.  You may choose a treatment package to receive both facial acupuncture and microneedling.
Herbal Medicine is a natural healing component existing within Traditional Chinese Medicine. When illness occurs as the result of an imbalance of internal signaling within the body, one pathway for remedy is through herbal formulas. Herbs are like superfoods, pinpointing and activating function within organ systems.  Herbal programs support wellness programs.
Chinese Pulse, Tongue and Visual Diagnosis: After 20 years of listening to pulses and inspecting tongues, faces and hands, Miche Lamarche has a store of information linked to conditions and outcomes.  These ancient techniques are quick and powerful when combined with a history intake and a physical exam. As eskimos know snow and surfers know waves, Miche knows pulses and tongues.  She can spot a pale face across a room, an orange hue, and grey tint, and she discerns what they mean. The techniques add a quiver to the bow in grasping a patient’s condition.
Postural Neurology Retraining: How we move, sit, stand and sleep affects how our brain records what is normal for us.  If we spend all day crunched up in a ball, we will experience our neurotransmitters and mood accordingly.  If we can modify our brain’s positional reset to an optimal configuration, we can move with greater ease, greater efficiency. After illness and accidents retraining is beneficial, even magical.
Cranio-Sacral Rebalancing: The brain floats in an oceanic cushion within a gently undulating cranium. Whereas the bones of a skeleton appear solid, a live skull has flexible sutures which allow the plates of the head to expand and return with the rhythm of a fluid wave from the spinal cord to the head. Many inputs influence the rhythm such as birth trauma, a twisted ankle, a head bump, concussions, whiplash, even stress. Normalizing unimpeded flow can bring profound peace and recovery from dis-ease. 
Essential Oils Therapy: There is nothing more stimulating and soothing at the same time than the pure DNA of sloggers and precious plants.  While medications are battlefield medicine with powerful but blunt instrumentation, human chemistry is profoundly complex.  In relationship for millennia, man and plants communicate via phytochemistry, the delicate and complex chemistry of the plants and their effects on human health.  Essential oil applied with very gentle hands on support is san experience to have.  It is especially beneficial for the human nervous system.
Myofascial Release: The gentle unwinding of the cranial rhythms is possible and promotes greater integration of the entire bodily systems.  Fascia is the starfish-like tissue covering the muscles, organs, and tissues of the body, and is responsible for fast-twitch responses.  Under the skin it looks like “the Matrix” and signals to the muscles to prepare to expand as soon as the brain thinks to move.  
The combination of these four subtle techniques instruct the body to relax, to release, and to respond to normal signals.  The are beautiful instruments in this Wellness practice.
Cupping & Gua Sha: Do you remember Michael Phelps winning 25 gold medals over the past few Olympic games?  What were the dark circles on his shoulders?  They were cupping marks.  Come experience the benefits of cupping and gua sha, techniques to move circulation and to free fascia.
Detoxification: There are many levels of internal cleaning poorly known to the conventional world of medicine.  In holistic perspective, there are times when the best thing to do is to clear.  We seek the cause beyond the current symptom, for if we can support the body in its own function, it has potential to heal itself.  Remember: doctors and practitioners do not heal the body, the body heals itself.  Group cleanses are more social and are available, and individual programs are tailor-made.
Energetic Techniques: Subtle styles of energetic support range from Cranio-Sacral Rebalancing, to Muscle Testing, Theta Healing and Access Consciousness.  Qi Gong and Tai-Chi Chuan are exercise forms of energetic training.  Any of these can be brought to the table in this clinic.  A patient is welcome to request a preferred mode.  What matters is what is needed in the moment.  Twenty years of clinical cultivation enables this practitioner to respond intuitively.
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