What We Treat

We support the body to heal itself.

In today’s modern world where chemicals and toxins are abundant, our immune systems are under attack more than ever before.  A peaceful nervous system is our sacred goal.

Food is engineered to evolve faster than we do, making it interfere with our bodies’ natural processes. Tons of new chemical untested on human systems come onto the market yearly. Stress levels are increasing in peoples’ lives, where everything is a ‘tiger’: the rent, the deadline, the driver next to us, our perception of our daily lives.  The modern environment’s interface with hormones impacts every cell in the body. We subscribe to a “tolerance model” rather than to a “quantitative model” because quantitative models test a single factor at a time, and each person’s system has been ‘exposed’ to different factors and reacts uniquely. Miche specializes in treating the following:

Painful Conditions

We specialize in helping you normalizing your senses, from getting feeling back into your hands and feet, to finding relief from chronic pain.
Peripheral Neuropathy
Bell’s Palsey (one-sided facial paralysis)
Headaches, neuralgia
Chronic Pain

Autoimmune &
Neurological Conditions

We specialize in seemingly difficult conditions.
Here there’s hope when you’ve been everywhere else. You don’t have to live with this condition.
It may take time but we’ll tailor-make a treatment plan for you.
For gut issues including IBS, Ulcerative colitis, blood sugar issues, diabetic wounds, longstanding illness, rheumatoid arthritis or just not being ‘right’.

Brain Performance

Sharpen and Calm your Brain, Increase Focus & Concentration.
This means:
Clear Brain Fog, Mood Disorders, Anxiety and Depression.
Get Help with ADHD, Impulse Control including Tourettes & Learning Disabilities.
Treat your Insomnia naturally and effectively because sleep is the most important key to healing naturally.
Clear PTSD and Traumatic Head Injury Effects, Stroke Sequellae, Nervous System Disorders.
Get help for Executive Burnout, Athlete & student performance.
You might even be able to get free of your meds.
For all ages: children, teens, adults, seniors; athletes, executives, first responders, military & veterans

Women’s Health

Fertility is a journey from before conception through and after delivery. We support you the whole way.
Perimenopause & menopause: these have no start and finish, they are a learning experience for which we provide support and education for your quality of life.
Hormone imbalances, menstrual irregularities, PMS, PCOS, Fibroids, painful cramps
Thyroid Disorders


Face and Neck Rejuvenation

Between our LED lighting, Infrared beds, Microneedling, Serums, and Facial Acupuncture, we rejuvenate face, neck and hair.
For face, neck and eye sagging
Aging collagen and loss of elasticity 
Dark spots, Acne and Scarring
Thinning hair can thicken with Microneedling and our herbal hair formula.


Children & Teens

Children respond faster than adults in many cases.  We experience success when the parents are onboard, should protocol require support at home, as with diet.  We have worked with children and teens of all kinds, including many on the autistic spectrum. We use Neurofeedback, principles of Functional Wellness, Muscle Testing, Nutrition, Cranio-Sacral and Acupuncture.

Focus & Concentration
Anxiety & Nightmares
Confronting Behaviors
Speech & Language
Crohn’s & Digestive Issues
Immune System Challenges
Chronic Conditions

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